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  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: The World
  • Reading: My Story as I write it
  • Watching: Myself become tired
  • Playing: Real Life (it's a hard game ya know?)
  • Eating: Air because I always breath it in
  • Drinking: -sips Tea- I don't think that matters..
It's as the titles states, My life is being a pain and I'm hating it oh so very much... things go up and go down and up and down and up and down. I mean really I'm rather tired. little sleep is what I get, and I'm just tired... -sighs and holds my head up with my arm- I've noticed its not me going through bad times, many of my friends online and where I live seem to be getting hit with crappy days, -stretches-

Not many know my issues in life cause I try not to worry others much, I rather help others and then be helped. but honestly I'm just to tired. it's like every time a good thing happens a bad thing is not far off from happening to.  A simple listing example

- get car, drive 4 hours from visiting my mom to get said car, 10 minutes away from home get into car accident, money I don't have! and yes I'm fine.
- not gonna say much, just gonna say I'm alone again.
- Aunt moves back home with my uncle and I, yet my uncle's family that is living with us are still disrespectful as ever.
- I just got a job today, yeah that's good and all, but I can only see what bad thing may happen to just piss me off more.

I mean really, this mostly just a vent the way I see it, but I'm just so flipping tired of all this crap, I just need things to smooth out, not just for me but for my friends that are also facing their personal problems. tired of seeing the sadness in others and I'm tired of all this pain I've endured for so long, -slumps on my computer- I'm also tired of giving off this fake smile and saying "I'm fine." Can't say I'm depressed or anything, can only say I'm tired..

-sighs- Just gotta press on I guess... -flips table- whatever, been saying that for years and I'm tired of saying that too. Tired of being hurt, tired of being looked at as if I'm nothing and looked down on, My heart is no toy for others to play with, it's the reason why I keep to myself so much, but no more I'm keeping what little of myself I have left in me for myself..

Life being life... and I don't want to do the one thing I know that will fix it... others tell me to do it.. but I'm so reluctant on doing so.. Being selfish will solve many problems... but I'm a selfless person.. and always think of others before me..

Question now is... what do I do?


Leonard but please call me Leon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconwolflaplz: and :iconlucariolaplz: next up :iconmeowlaplz: now we have :icondummylaplz: now :iconpikachulaplz: which leads to :iconcheeselaplz:

I enjoy feedback on my arts, so feel free to say anything about them as I go and grow.


Hello there, the names Leonard, Leon for short if that helps and I am a Christian and I will defend my religion for my faith is strong to protect it (I am not the type of person that presses my religion or beliefs on others, because everyone has their own right to believe in what they want to). These are two of my closest frinds Neise (girl in white shirt) and Lex )girl in black shirt, and Lex is the co-owner of my account.) Now a little info about me; I am a man of many talents and by many I do mean many; to put it bluntly, if we ever met in real life you’d have never expect me to be the type of guy that does what he does. Not even most of my friends understand how I am able to do what I do. But I’ll explain in a bit what I mean by that. Let’s just talk about who I am a little more.

Well I obviously like to draw and do artistic things, reason why I am on this sight. A friend actually helped convince me on joining this sight and I’m glad I did, you can see my friend by clicking this link once you’re done looking through my junk. (Insert Link Here) She’s a great artist and has the cutest personality ever, you’ll love her as much as I do. So go give her a look once you’re done here.

Now you’re probably wondering what kind of things do I draw? Well I draw lots of things to be honest. I draw primarily Anthros (Or what most people know them as “Furries”); No this does not mean I have a sexual fetish for “furry suit sex” or some other bull crap of that sort. (To be honest some people need to learn to grow up). Ok moving on; I also draw anime, I actually drew anime first before drawing Anthros, and I just got tired of anime because it got boring and wanted to try something new –shrugs- it happens. I’m trying to get into the habit of drawing more Still life and realistic faces and body figures, but Anthro art seems to be more fun right now. I am also a writer and I write story that started in a funny way. The Story is called “Fox and Wolf Tails” and I am happy on what I have done with this; it is also an Anthro and Human based story and one day I shall write one purely human based and one purely Anthro based.

This is the Link to the First Chapter of my Story (insert Link here). I do warn you when I first started I was a bad writer and I never really bothered to fix it up for many things got in the way, such as life.

Okay… Ah yes, I am also enlisting into the United States Air Force, so by sometime in January or February of next year I’ll be in basic training who knows where. And by I believe sometime in the middle of January of next year I’ll be out in actual service. So I will have a friend watch over my account for me. And Matt I choose you to do that for me, just to check up on it from time to time.

OK. As I said earlier I would explain why I’m a man of many talents. Well to put this bluntly, I am training for the military, I play a card game called Magic the Gathering, I play video games, I am an artist, I also do Landscape design and building Design and interior design, I have a martial arts background (trust me, I know how to hurt people), I also love to cook, and I have a strong memory, there is more but I’m also lazy to write the rest.

Well now for my good friends list:

MisterBobIsMe: ( and his lovely amazing Girlfriend (OoglaBaloogla) (
Dragenuv3 ( and his amazing Girlfriend Zs99 (
MadRosKai ( and her amazing little sis AzeeratheNinja (…
Enphino (
Lavenkid (

Now for the Like and Dislikes


- To draw. (Duh)
- Play video games (All-time Favorite Final Fantasy X (10))
- Design Buildings (Future Job)
- Cooking (Yes I do enjoy cooking)
- Food (Cake mostly I'm kinda surprised why I'm not fat.)
- Soooooodddaaaaaaaaa (Yes Soda I love it with a pashion.)
- Animals (mostly wolves because my middle name means Noble Wolf)
- Coffee (It is the best thing God gave us knowledge to make)
- Being Alive, yup went there.
- Dark Humor is always fun

- People who hide behind Excuses.
- Those that lie to get what they want.
- Selfish people
- Many other things if you act like the things that I dislike I will let you know.

Well enjoy my stuff and meet my friends and message me I won’t mind getting to know new people. And I don’t mind being thanked for faves, all I ask is that you take a minute or two, to look around my stuff and tell me what ya think, I like getting feedback on the things I do. Take care now and God Bless. (For those that do not like my God Bless part, don’t bother complaining because I do it out of politeness and respect for others well being.)

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